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The Life and Experiences of a Car Salesman

Car Salesman Tips for a Good Foundation

Every now and then both a new car salesman and even a long time car salesman will have a sales slump that they don’t understand. When the Green Pea was cut loose and started taking ups they did every step of the sales process and began selling cars and trucks. The veteran car salesman is very similar in that they have had years of car selling experience.

Both the veteran and the new car salesman from time to time will find themselves in a car sales decline. The sales person might begin looking for ways to modernize or streamline the system so they can make better use of their time. They are starting to decide on which potential car buyer they should help by eyeballing them. Then all of a sudden their number of closed deals begins to drop along with their income. It is often called getting too smart for their own good. They seem to forget the proven teachings for selling cars and try to change what works. Read on for some car salesman tips that are the basics to building a good car sales transaction that work over and over.

Car Sales Tip: You Can’t Tell By Looking. Many times you will see an auto salesman reach some success and then they begin to start hand picking their Ups. They take a quick glance at the fresh Up and decide if they look like a buyer or not. I have lost and seen many others lose great customers because they thought they could pick out the buyer. The average person that visits an auto dealer’s lot usually wants to be left alone so they will do their best to appear as a shopper. As far as car sales tips go, stop sizing up customers and start taking care of them and you will increase your odds for making more sales.

Car Salesman Tip: You Only Get One First Impression. The car salesman is the first person the car buyer meets so it is a very important part of the process. You can start off on the right foot or end up putting your foot in your mouth because the impression you make will be the deciding factor. First and foremost you must greet and welcome your car buyer and while wearing a smile, you must create a good impression. The first impression is critical so be sure that you not only look like a professional, but you sound like on too. This car salesman tip will get you off on the right foot, but you have to do the rest.

Car Salesman Tip: Wrong Car Equals No Sale. Picking the right car is important, but I have seen salesmen trying to sell a car that they though the customer wanted instead of a car they really wanted. In order to sell them a new automobile you must listen and find a car they want and will fill their needs at the same time. Try as you might, if they aren’t in love with the new vehicle there isn’t much chance of making them an owner. Who wouldn’t want twice the car for half the money, but when it comes down to it our budgets determine which car we can buy. It could be for financial reasons or it could be passenger seating, but there are always conditions. Whatever your customer is trying to accomplish with a new car, you must know what it is before you can sell them a new automobile.

Whether new or old, anyone selling cars for living will have times when they get in a slump. In the car business they you need to sell your way through the slump, so keep selling and review these car sales tips. You must be a professional from the start and learn your customer’s needs. A good foundation is the key to making a good deal, just continue talking to people and the sales will come. Learn more from the car salesman guide and success will be yours.


The Passionate Car Salesman Succeeds

Try to recall a time when you went to make a purchase at a store of some kind and you have to try and find someone that can help you and answer your questions. So you wait for the person to finish whatever they are doing and they stroll over to you ask if they can help. You have very brief discussion about your needs and they tell you to take a look and that they will be right back. You have probably had enough by now and you are going to find a salesman and a store that provides the service you desire. Well it’s almost the same when you have a career in car sales. When a potential car buyer visits the car dealership to check out some cars they should be greeted without delay and enthusiastically so they feel welcome and important.

The Auto Buyer Wants to be Excited

Car buyers are reluctant to get excited about making a major purchase if they feel that their auto salesperson is not passionate and concerned about their satisfaction. The process of buying a car can be stressful and exciting at the same time for many, but if the customer is assisted by a sales person that is passionate and enthused about making the buyer comfortable it will be much easier to put them in a new car. The combination of an excited customer and an enthusiastic car salesman are the main ingredients to selling more cars.

A good car salesman needs to be enthusiastic and upbeat throughout the entire car buying process. When the buyer’s sales person continues to act excited and talk about their new car they will also stay excited and therefore much easier to move through the process. You and the car customer will feed off of each others level of excitement and keep the buyer engaged. The car buyer will be more pleasant and agreeable during the process when they continue to be excited about the possibility of having a new car parked in their driveway. We all know that the defensive and skeptical car buyer can be a real challenge to get them to buy a new vehicle.

When you treat your car customers in an enthusiastic manner you will drastically increase your closing percentages. Regardless of your customer sharing their excitement of getting a new vehicle or not, they really are excited about having a new automobile. Your enthusiasm will help you break down the barriers that customers use as a defense and start them talking. When a potential car shopper starts lowering their defenses they will start interacting with you and then provide all the critical information you require to put them in the buying mode. It is natural for enthusiasm to rub off on other people, so when the salesman is excited about a car and the process your customer will begin to feel the same way.

Start using car salesman tips to sell more cars and start treating all you customers with enthusiasm. Make it a point to give your customer a smooth and enjoyable car buying experience and you will have a customer as long as you sell cars. The key to a successful car sales career is to treat your customer right and they will buy cars from you many times in the future and recommend you to all their friends. This tip for car salesmen and car sales women can make a difference in the long run when you are a career car salesman.

Big Money As A Succesful Car Salesman

The life of a car salesman has not always been seen as a prestigious career. Much of the public sees the car salesman or car saleswoman as a less than desirable individual, but little do they know. People would stand in line to be a car salesman if they were aware of the opportunities and benefits. Tired of being bored at work and want practically unlimited earning potential you should consider the life of a car sales person. Most car dealers will give you free car sales training and a load of car sales person tips and advice. Car sales experience or college education is rarely a prerequisite for a car sales person at most dealerships.

Selling cars might not be your first choice for a career, but the field is growing and running out the dealers that are hurting the business. Car sales is on the upswing from a couple tough years and things are looking good, in part from the weak and dishonest car dealer that went out of business. The auto sales business has been changing into a more professional and admirable business. The auto industry has been removing car dealerships that have harmed their image in the past as they continue to improve their image.

Becoming a car sales person has many perks and benefits that are unseen by the average person. You will be driving the latest and greatest cars before anyone else has a chance. If anyone in your family wants to buy a car you can sell it to them for the car dealers cost. Should you or a friend need to buy a used car you can pick through the new trades and get the best ones . If you are in to cars and trucks you can check out all the trade-ins and drive them if you want. It is likely you will get a demo car to drive, not all dealers have a program but most do.

One of the other benefits is that you will never experience the same kind of day twice. You get to work with different kinds of people and personalities every day. This will practically rid the chance of you getting bored with your job. The camaraderie of a group of salesmen will keep everyone from getting bored. You have the chance to deal with many customers every day and some of them may become a friend or a source of referrals.

One incredible benefit of being a car salesman is the opportunity to make some big money. Typically the automobile salesman is paid a portion of the profit on each sales or also know as commission. You might say it’s like having a business or your own because you choose how you want to make. There are many people selling cars that earn a successful car sales person income of 100k or more a year. The auto sales person with a record of selling numerous car in the past can work anywhere they desire. The field of car sales is a great opportunity for a person that needs a job or a career change.

Selling Cars Can Be A Good Career Choice

Have you considered selling cars for a living? There are many positives to having a career in car sales. Being a car salesman is not the career choice of many people although it can be fulfilling. You might be surprised how much you can earn selling cars. I have known many that have a car salesmen income that is six figures a year.

The life of a car salesman is not for everyone, but no job or career is universal. I know many people that went to college, spent thousands on a education and wish they earned 100k. I’m not against a college education, but going to college is not for everyone just as being a car salesman isn’t. A career in the business of car sales could be a viable option if college is not.

The car business will take a short period to adjust like most jobs. You need to learn the car business and techniques to be a top car salesman. You can start earning big money once you learn the business, that only takes a couple months. Most car dealerships will provide the training to to make you a good car salesman.

Most car salesman work more than 40 hours weekly, but earning $100,000 a year makes it acceptable. Everyone would like to work only 40 hours a week, but then they would be making great money. The car salesman does not do any physical labor. You go to work clean and well dressed and you come home the same way, you are not dirty and sweaty from a hard day at work.

The duties of a car sales person usually include showing cars, talking to customers and test driving cars. You might have to pickup your customer from home or help them with a service problem. There will be things you would rather not do as a car salesman like calling past customer for leads or pleasing a picky buyer. There are many jobs that are harder and pay much less than the job of being a car salesman.

There is a downside to having a career in car sales. The weekly pay of a car salesman will vary based on commission. The job of a car salesman is paid commission on their sales, so weekly pay might vary, but overall the monthly pay is consistent for a good sales person. A negative to selling cars are the holidays, some dealers are open on some of the holidays. When you think about it making a 100K a year selling cars is very attractive when you don’t have a college degree. So, when you are pounding the pavement looking for a job, how to be a good car salesman is something you should consider.

The Car Salesman Blog

This is the first post of the Car Salesman Blog. I am going to be sharing some of the thoughts and experiences of the car salesman. I will share the good the bad and the ugly.

The job of selling cars for a living is not the choice of most people, but it can be a very good job. There are ups and downs, pluses and minuses like there is in any job. One of the hardest things to get used to about selling cars is the image that the public has of a professional car salesman.

The Car Salesman Image

Most people think of the car salesman as a shark, crook or con man. OK, OK, I know what you are thinking, but it goes back to the old saying that one bad apple ruins the whole bunch. The are many more hard working people selling cars for a living then there are crooks and scam artists. Sales people have families to feed and bills to pay just like everyone.

The Car Salesman Blog

The Car Salesman Blog

I am not asking for any sympathy, I am just trying to give you a look at the other side. Imagine going out to a party or some type of function and getting into a conversation with someone and they ask what you do for a living. You tell them you are a car salesman, they look at you like you have 3 heads. Either they back off or they have a ton of questions about the car business and how we screw the car buyer. Sometimes you wish you would have lied to them about what you do for a living.

The Dark Side of the Car Salesman

Yes, I will admit there is a dark side of the car salesman that is successful and makes a good income. We may at times leave out all the facts to help us close the deal and sell a car. There are many stories of car dealer scams that make it harder for all of us. I will get into more of that in later posts when I tell you about some of the experiences of mine and my fellow car salesmen.

Feel free to add your comments or stories about your life as a car salesman. If you are not in the car selling business and you have some questions, please ask.